Food and Beverages Upsale with AeroGuest

AeroGuest offers a full CMS and chat module for promoting services like food and beverages, room service and spa. 
Food and Beverage feature in app

Food and Beverage Upsell System

The In-App Function of promoting food and beverages gives your hotel an excellent opportunity to create additional  revenue. Showcase your Food and Beverage outlet, special deals and other offers in the AeroGuest App.

Promote and upsell efficiently via automated chat giving your guests the opportunity to order via in the live chat.
Food and Beverage menu in app

Manage your in app Food and Beverage System

What do you have to offer? Upload pictures and menus conveniently via the Guest Management System (GMS) AeroGuest Flow and show the guests what they can choose from.

No need to worry about sold out products, changing prices and assortments. Forget about printing new menus. Simply update your product in AeroGuest Flow and it’s done.

Food and Beverage chat ordering

Easy Ordering

To place an order the customer simply has to start a chat conversation and tell you what they want. Here you have an excellent possibility to upsell even more, recommending wines and desserts.

If the guest has special needs with regards to allergies and meal preferences – no problem! With a live chat it’s easy to communicate.

Room service

Delivery to the room

Convenience  room service is indispensable in your guests' experience.

Now your guests have full access to your services directly on their mobile phones.                              

Hotel bar at Book 1


Our SNAP product secures that all guests at BOOK1 are checked-in via their mobile phone. This way, there is no waiting to check-in or check-out.

We partner with and connect to existing companies to apply advanced mobile services to the hospitality and travel industry.

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  • All integrations are free of charge

    We consider collaboration as a partnership. Integration with PMS's, mobile access, channel managers and payment gateways are done without any costs.

  • €1 per check-in

    Our shared goal is to transform all hotel guests to mobile guests. We charge €1 per guest using AeroGuest. Which enable the hotel with a range of new revenues.

  • Optional Feature: Choose Room

    Digitalizing your guests through AeroGuest will, apart from increased service, give you a lower cost on keycards and credit card fees, and increase revenue through the unique Choose Room feature. We charge 20% of the Choose Room price set by the hotel.

  • Optional Feature: Re-Book and Direct Booking

    AeroGuest enables more direct booking and increased sign-up to your loyalty program. We charge 5-10% on direct bookings depending on Loyalty Program and Channel Manager.

  • Touch Free Check-in and out

    With AeroGuest your guest can stay at you hotel through a 100% seamless check-in process via the guests own mobile phone. No unnessesary guest contact besides great service.

  • Optional Feature: Advanced Surcharging

    AeroGuest is a sophisticated and intelligent digital payment engine. For corporate and international credit cards, surcharge will automatically be applied to the digital guest and you'll save 70% of the credit card fee.

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