Next level mobile hospitality hits Munich

The Royal Bavarian is now live with AeroGuest
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25hours hotel - The Royal Bavarian in München

We're very happy to go live with next level mobile hospitality at the first 25hours hotels. 

25hours Hotels are sexy, cheeky, bold, innovative, cosmopolitan, unique, charismatic, a little crazy, and locally connected. The first hotel that will benefit from AeroGuest is The Royal Bavarian in Munich.

The Bavarian Hotel by 25hours
In the magnificent building at Bahnhofplatz 1, the 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian has found its place in Munich. A building with its own rich history: In the last century, it still served as a building for the postal service and a royal telegraph station. Today, it is a meeting point for travelers and city explorers. Exactly where Munich is at its most raw, urban, and vibrant - at the heart of the city.

165 rooms await the guests: The room category Small to Extra Large, plus the Swan and Peacock Suites, are cozy sanctuaries inspired by different worlds. At the heart of the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian is the eatery NENI as well as the NENI Deli. It´s where our guests gather for an Oriental lunch or dinner. The Boilerman Bar on the 1st floor is the perfect place to socialize and meet friendly people.

Visit the hotel: The Bavarian Hotel

The Protel Integration
25hours hotels will be the first hotel group in the world with next level mobile hospitality supported by Protel PMS. Protel is a multicultural worldwide leader in hotel technology solutions with more than 14.000 hotels. Protel connects all types of hospitality technologies in one standard, accessible framework. Together we define next level mobile hospitality.

Digital payment execution through Apexx's consolidation of global acquirer’s
Through our partnership with the advanced payment gateway APEXX we’re able to consolidate global acquirers and payment providers into a single integration point, optimizing the cost of mobile payments for hotels and service providers.

In this setup, everyone wins. We choose a single payment gateway APEXX but the hotel choose and contract directly with their acquirer of choice, and often we’ll agree to just plug-in their existing acquirer. This means that we can build advanced technology once, like supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay, 3-D Secure, or surcharging while the hotel gets their existing negotiated prices or even better our volume negotiated prices!

Interested in next level mobile hospitality?
If you're interested in learning more about the AeroGuest solution at 25hours and learn how you can increase efficiency, service and guest experience, you can reach out to our Head of Business Development Jan Wosczyna.

Contact Jan Wosczyna.