AeroGuest and MapsPeople defining hospitality industry

One of AeroGuest's best performing features Choose Room in collaboration with MapsPeople

AeroGuest and MapsPeople collaborate since early 2019, and together we've built one of our best performing features. Choose Room became a huge success this year, as a lot of guests welcomed the service. 

In September 2021, AeroGuest was selected to feature in the monthly MapsPeople Partner Spotlight where our CCO Nikolai Kronborg talk about the collaboration and all the opportunities it has raised for the hospitality industry.

How did this partnership start?

We’d been playing around with the idea of providing guests with an option to choose their own room for a while as we thought giving an overview of the hotel floor setting would enhance the user experience. When we started looking into the market, we quickly realized that MapsPeople was by far the best product on the market.

What have MapsPeople and AeroGuest achieved together?

AeroGuest has integrated the MapsPeople map into both their web check-in and app solution for hotels in multiple cities in Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland. When choosing a room and getting an overview of the hotel floor plan, guests will see MapsPeople’s map.


MapsPeople/AeroGuest solutions in Europe


Tell us more about how the MapsIndoors integration works with AeroGuest

The AeroGuest app allows hotel guests to check into their rooms using their mobile device. When checking in, the guest can choose a room within the booked room category. By offering the guest a map with an overview of the hotel floor plan, the guest can pick-and-choose among available rooms to - for instance - choose the one with a better view. Additionally, the guest can choose to upgrade their room directly via the map, giving the hotels a new revenue stream.

How does MapsPeople add value to AeroGuest?

The hotels are the ones that decide on the guest fee for the Choose Room service. Across hotels we’ve seen fee prices from €5 to €20 depend- ing on the initial room price. A recent study on the topic suggests that guests are willing to pay 7-10% of the room price extra for the option to choose their exact room of choice. Conversion is higher in hotels with maps than with hotels without - hence the higher revenue.

What makes the AeroGuest and MapsPeople partnership ideal?

The frontier innovation and design. MapsPeople and AeroGuest both bring perfect intuitive design and user experience to the table that with our joint effort has created a whole new experience for hotel guests. We love it - and the hotel guests love it.

Our ambition for the future is to have maps as a standard feature within the next level mobile hospitality and with a strong partner like Maps- People, we’re sure that mapping experience within the hotel industry is here to stay.