Podcast: Next level mobile hospitality

Next level mobile hospitality is all about the digital evolution of the hospitality industry
GuestTech Podcast

At AeroGuest we believe the best hotel stays occur when booking, check-in, payment, hotel experience and personal service come together seamlessly. Through our mobile hospitality ecosystem, we transform all hotel guests into mobile guests.

Spend 25 min. in good company with our Founder and CEO Martin Sponholtz and learn about Next Level Mobile Hospitality.

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The AeroGuest Ambitions

We believe that AeroGuest is the solution that modernizes hotels. By implementing innovative technologies, we provide guests with the digital solution that they expect when travelling today.

We strive to be a strategic partner to hotels. Our aim is to grow the hotel business through innovation and mobile conversion. Using our complex technology, we help hotels navigate the digital world of hospitality. 

Who we are

AeroGuest is the mobile travel platform of the world. With our thoroughly developed conversion engine, we are capable of targeting 100% of hotel check-ins. The first 20% through automated digitalization via text and e-mail – an AI optimized system superior to the competition.

Our SNAP check-in provides hotels with the tools to manually digitalize guests when they arrive while saving on personnel. This means that receptionists can now handle a standard check-in within 20 seconds.

The AeroGuest platform enables hotels to benefit from new revenue streams, e.g. with features such as Choose Room and Upgrade Room.

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