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Next level mobile hospitality hits the The Czech Republic
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Bellevue Hotel

Hotel Bellevue guests can now check-in and out and even pay – right on their mobile phones. At the guests’ convenience.

Hotel Bellevue
Hotel Bellevue has a very interesting history. The first written mention about this building comes from the year 1561, when it was owned by Mr. Hans Wasserhansl, whose son, a baker named Hans, lived here in the first decade of 17th century. The building remained a bakery for more than 100 years. In 1870, the owner Tomáš Soukup  requested a permission to rebuilt the house

"By the city of Vienna" to make it a more usefully equipped inn with carriage house. In the year 1929, Mr. Jiří Kerschbaum bought three separate wings of side building of the former monastery. In the years 1929-1931, a three-storey hotel building with a kitchen was built in the place of the former older wing. In the year 1934 a new roof truss and attic were hoisted. We are hoteliers with heart, and we look forward to seeing you. 

The Czech Republic and Next level mobile hospitality
Bringing next level mobile hospitality to The Czech Republic is the exciting next frontier for all of us at AeroGuest. We’ve seen how European travelers are very open to new technology and we've experienced a huge interest in our mobile web check-in and touch free hotel stay.

Next level mobile hospitality
 services such as mobile web check-in, choose your own room, mobile payment, digital key, and easy re-booking are killer benefits that world travelers are looking for. With all the new revenue streams that our mobile hospitality brings, we anticipate soon to be working with multiple fascinating hotel groups in the region.

HotelTime Solution
The Czech Republic is also the mother of one of the world's first cloud-based PMS,- HotelTime Solutions. HotelTime Solutions is a long-established independent software developer and provider of cutting-edge, yet affordable cloud-based systems to the hospitality industry. On the market in Europe for over 13 years, the software they first developed 14 years ago is now in use in over 500 hotels and restaurants across 11 countries. Regularly enhanced with the latest upgrades seamlessly and free of charge to our clients.

Interested in next level mobile hospitality?
If you're interested in learning more about the AeroGuest solution at Bellevue Hotel and learn how you can increase efficiency, service and guest experience, you can reach out to our Head of Business Development Jan Wosczyna.

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