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Efficient GuestTech is all about convenience, guest experience and GDPR
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You might have experienced it. All the hassle with documentation when you finally arrive at the hotel after a long trip. But all you really want is to go to your room, unpack and relax.
But don't you worry. With next level mobile hospitality you're able to complete all this before you arrive - conveniently on your own mobile device.
When checking into a hotel, you’ll need to present proof that you're the person who made the reservation and that you're over eighteen years of age. This can be anything from a driver’s license to a national ID card or passport.

Hotels require identification for two main security reasons. The first is to protect customers from fraudulent credit card use and theft. Requiring identification upon check-in is a way that hotels can ensure that a hotel room was not booked with a stolen credit card. The second reason why hotels check identification is to protect the safety of their guests. Requiring an ID for check-in is a way to make sure that only registered, paid guests are admitted to hotel rooms, and prevent strangers or criminals from compromising the personal safety of those staying in the hotel.

Next level mobile hospitality
Efficient GuestTech is all about convenience, guest experience and GDPR. The mobile phone is able to scan your ID, whether it's a driver’s license, national ID card or a passport.
With AeroGuest you're able to not only scan your ID, - we also make sure to get all relevant information needed upon check-in so that the process is done with as few clicks as possible. And best of all, the standard market price for a single digital scan is EUR 1, but with AeroGuest every single digital scan is free!