Let's get ahead of the airline industry

Jan Hejny, Founder & CEO, HotelTime Solutions
CEO of HotelTime solutions

"Hotels have been known for slow adoption of new technology for too long, especially when compared to the airline industry. This applies not only to the back-office systems (known as legacy PMS's in hospitality) but also to guest-facing technologies. Features like bookings from mobile devices with real-time availability, on-line check-in with the ability to skip queues at the check-in counter, up-selling via a mobile app - these are all standard features when travelling with an airline".

"Why aren’t these features standard in hotel environment still? They should be. That is why we love to partner and integrate with AeroGuest who share the same vision of what a guest journey in hospitality should nowadays look like".

Jan Hejny, Founder & CEO, HotelTime Solutions.

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