On the verge of international breakthrough

The traveltech company AeroGuest, is accelerating growth internationally and has raised eight-figure sums from byFounders and the Danish government The Growth Fund.
AeroGuest Team

Since Covid-19 hit worldwide, AeroGuest has been busy contracting hotels from all over the world. A burgeoning digital maturity in the hotel industry has been replaced by an intense focus on the digitisation and the possibility of hotel guests checking-in and out of the hotel with their mobile phones.

The idea for AeroGuest came about when Martin Sponholtz started questioning why it wasn’t possible to check into a hotel room before arrival to skip the queues. He worked hard as an independent software and digital consultant to build a digital check-in platform, and two years ago AeroGuest launched the solution together with the first hotel.

In the past twelve months it has also become clear that guests want to be in control themselves. They want the option of booking directly with the hotel, choosing their room and what floor it is on - choices that are made simpler with AeroGuest’s platform and its integration of credit card and passport data. With AeroGuest, hotel guests can complete the booking - including check-in - in just three clicks.

"It has been an exciting and educational journey into a vast global industry. Almost monthly, we integrate with new technology partners who have all seen the potential in mobile check-in and touch free hotel stay. That is why I am also thrilled to have byFounders on board, as they have a lot of experience within international expansion of digital growth companies. They understand all our challenges as they themselves are entrepreneurs and have been on the start-up journey” - says Founder and CEO Martin Sponholtz.

AeroGuest stands out from other players as the SaaS platform works across PMSs (Hotel Property Management Systems), allowing it to cooperate with both small and large hotel chains. At the same time, AeroGuest is the only mobile hospitality provider that has the digital tools needed to convert all arriving guests to mobile. For guests, this means that they can use AeroGuest in all hotels: the hotels can recognise them and their preferences, and the guests have all their bookings in one place.

The venture fund byFounders has been following AeroGuest's innovative approach to hotel technology and the digital guest journey for a few years. However, Covid-19's influence on digitalisation of the hotel industry worldwide caused Managing Partner of byFounders, Tommy Andersen, to engage with AeroGuest on a more robust growth plan.

“AeroGuest has the potential to digitalise the entire guest experience. In the current climate, we expect the prospect of a smooth, seamless check-in and check-out to be very attractive to hotel operators. We have also been impressed by how well-developed AeroGuest's systems are, providing integration with essential systems in the hotel industry. We look forward to supporting AeroGuest with their international expansion." - Tommy Andersen, Managing Partner, byFounders.

The Chairman and Partner of AeroGuest, Nikolai Kronborg, is pleased by byFounders' support. “For a long time, we have had a feeling that the hotel industry was ready for advanced mobile hospitality. Fourteen days after the world was hit with COVID-19, we started receiving daily inquiries worldwide. Last month we entered the English, Spanish and German markets. We expect AeroGuest to expand into the North American and Southeast Asian markets within a few months, which is why byFounders' international experience is extremely welcome and valuable for our upcoming growth journey.”

AeroGuest has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, London, New York, Los Angeles and Bangkok and employs 25 people.