AeroGuest established in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia takes on next level Mobile Hospitality as Touch Free Hotel Stay becomes urgent
Singapore Office

Singapore is well known for its hospitality. It is one of the respected nations for its ease of doing business. For AeroGuest it was a natural development in the pursuit of making a first footprint in the Southeast Asia region.

Touch Free Hotel Stay

By introducing Touch Free Check-in to the region, we eliminate some guest's concerns in regards to COVID-19. We define Touch Free or Contactless Check-In as a hotel stay where the guest only uses their own mobile phone during the entire stay.

Choose Room

Digitalizing guests through AeroGuest will, apart from increased service, give the Asian hotels a lower cost on keycards and credit card fees, and increase revenue through Choose Room and Upgrade Room. A much needed development in a region dependent on flourishing turism.

Singapore Address

Thank you for having us in your beautiful city Singapore. Here is our local address:

1 Phillip Street

#05-01 Royal One Phillip

Singapore 048692

Are you interested in knowing more about AeroGuest and the Guest Journey within next level Mobile Hospitality you learn more here:  AeroGuest Guest Journey.

For inquiries in regards to collaborations in the Southeast Asia region feel free to reach out to Nikolai Kronborg at nikolai@aeroguest.com