The Landmark London goes Touch Free

5 star luxury hotel becomes the first London hotel to offer next level Mobile Hospitality to its guests

The Landmark London hotel is now offering a touch free digital guest journey through advanced Mobile Hospitality. With a state-of-the-art web check-in flow, that includes features such as Choose Room, Signing of Terms of Stay, Mobile Payment and a Digital Key.

The hotel guests meet this convenient service before arriving at the hotel and can go straight to their room upon arrival, preventing any queuing up and keeping a safe distance.

A pioneer

The Landmark London hotel is therefore a pioneer in redefining the hotel-guest relationship where service and convenience melt together with Post-COVID safety and health regulations while still maintaining a five star treatment.

Next level Mobile Hospitality

The AeroGuest Platform is the latest addition to the tech stack used by The Landmark London Hotel and is integrated seamlessly to the set of technologies already in place. Together with Oracle, Dormakaba and Apexx Global we've provided The Landmark London Hotel with the most advanced GuestTech on the global market opening up the opportunity to new revenue streams.

The Landmark London Hotel is a five-star oasis of luxury and calmness on a perfect location. Please visit The Landmark London Hotel.

Interested in next level Mobile Hospitality?

If you're interested in learning more about the set-up at The Landmark London hotel and how you can increase efficiency, service and guest experience, you can reach out to our Head of Business Development Jan Wosczyna.

Contact Jan Wosczyna.