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We strive to provide the best possible guest experience. The best hotel stays occur when booking, check-in, payment, hotel experience and personal service come together seamlessly.

To ensure an excellent guest experience, we work with the best property management systems, channel managers, door lock vendors, payment solution and a variety of great third-party providers.

Property Management Systems (PMS)

We integrate with the hotel PMS to provide state-of-the-art guest solutions.

New AeroGuest PMS Partner

Hoist Group

Hoist Group offers easy-to-use, seamless and cloud-based PMS solution for more than 1,500 multi-property groups, independent hotels and B&B’s. HotSoft is an industry-leading Property Management System that enables hotels to manage all their daily operations easily.

New AeroGuest PMS Partner


Godo offers a range of software solutions and services for hospitality partners, as well as custom solutions. They service over 1100 hotels and properties across 15 countries and hundreds of travel agencies.

Channel Managers

AeroGuest supports Direct Booking. With only three clicks, your guests can book a stay at your hotel using AeroGuest.

Mobile Access Door Locks

Open sesame. The AeroGuest lock team unlocks everything saving you a lot of money on keycards.

New Mobile Access Partner


4Suites offers a streamlined and optimized guest experience through intelligent access technology.

New Mobile Access Partner


Guestkey offers high-quality, reliable, fully monitored and user-friendly access control solutions

Payment Gateway


We consolidate global payment providers into a single integration point, optimizing the cost of complex payment ecosystems.

Payment Acquirers

In collaboration with APEXX we cooperate with the top standard payment acquirers around the globe.

Credit Card Tokenization & Vaults

Continue charging credit cards through your PMS plugged into your existing secure credit card vault.

PXP Financial

PXP Financial is PCI Data Security Standard v.20 certified. The mission of the PCI Security Standards Council is to enhance payment account security by driving education and awareness of PCI security standards.

Choose Room


Indoor navigation built with Google Maps enables our hotel partners to increase revenue and improve the digital experience. 

Our Third Party Friends

We integrate with any service that makes sense for our hotel partners and their guests.


MENUPAY is the leading restaurant app with payment-, discount-, and loyalty solutions for companies and their employees.


Let it rain. Umbrella sharing for hotels, properties & smart cities.

Become a Partner with AeroGuest

We partner with and connect to existing companies to apply advanced mobile services to the hospitality and travel industry.

  • AeroGuest Boosts Direct Booking

    If you're a channel manager, we would love to integrate with you for revenue management and control of room prices in the AeroGuest app.

  • Global Outlook

    AeroGuest is available all over the world. So, no matter where you are, we're interested to hear from you.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out

    We're an innovative mobile hospitality company always challenging the status quo - if you have an idea, we want to hear it.

  • Boost Your Sales

    Advanced mobile hospitality is in demand. With an AeroGuest integration, you can position your product ahead of the curve.

  • Sophisticated Surcharging

    AeroGuest is a sophisticated and intelligent digital payment engine where surcharging will automatically be applied the digital guest and you'll save 70% of the credit card fee.

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