Advanced Mobile Hospitality and the Digital Key

An important part of the hotel check-in is the possibility to access the hotel room digitally through Mobile Access.

Our Mobile Access Partner SALTO, a major door lock vendor worldwide, has proved itself as a market leader in smart locking technology for the hospitality industry in recent years. SALTO has consistently been ahead of the technology curve investing already several years ago in standalone, virtually networked, wired and wireless smart locks, all working with AeroGuest within a single digital access control technology platform designed for Hospitality.

Our SALTO Integration

Today more than ever hotels understand that technology provides solutions that help make better decisions for growth, improved operations, and more importantly to provide safe and secure seamless guest experiences to their guests.

With our SALTO technology partnership integrations and SALTO ProAccess SPACE software installed on-premise network, the full range of SALTO smart locks are supported by AeroGuest.  High quality and superb design customizable design aesthetic SALTO smart locks unique capability of the simultaneous support of mobile access and PIN code in a single lock.

AeroGuest and SALTO suit all sizes and types of hotels, providing an optimal guest experience and the best utilization of a hotel’s rooms, suites and meeting space infrastructure. With over 10,000 hotel projects worldwide, the success of SALTO’s know-how is clear. For 20 years, SALTO’s solutions have continued to evolve to better meet the expectations of an ever increasingly demanding market. This excellence is seen in the long-term satisfaction and relationships that SALTO has with clients and partners.

The SALTO Digital Key

A plastic keycard can be expensive and considered non-environmental, and even be unsanitary to hand out to every guest staying at the hotel every day. Hence, replacing a plastic key card and having a mobile hospitality solution enabling guests to get a digital key on their own phone is a must.

As AeroGuest builds trust through our state-of-the-art mobile web check-in, we can deliver a one to one conversion from mobile web check-in to the download of a digital key. AeoGuest app and SALTO digital key technology is completely secure as keys cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some low-security RFID technologies. Guests select and open their room door, and automatically, the app sends confirmation that the door has been opened back to the front desk, even for doors equipped with standalone electronic locks.

With a digital key solution your hotel can communicate that it’s safe to stay at the hotel. Simultaneously, the hotel saves a lot of money on plastic keycards. AeroGuest is integrated with the mobile access market leaders in hospitality.

Hotel Herman K

Hotel Herman K believe in creating a hotel stay with great care and attention. So much so, it's their mission.

We partner with and connect to existing companies to apply advanced mobile services to the hospitality and travel industry.

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  • Free Integrations

    We consider collaboration as a partnership. Integration with PMS's, locks, channel managers and payment gateways are done without any extra costs.

  • User-based Price Model

    Our shared goal is to transform all hotel guests to mobile guests. We charge approx €1 per guest using AeroGuest.

  • New Revenues

    Digitalizing your guests through AeroGuest will, apart from increased service, give you a lower cost on keycards and credit card fees, and increase revenue through Choose Room and Upgrade Room.

  • Direct Booking

    AeroGuest enables more direct booking and increased sign-up to your reward program. We only charge 5% on direct bookings.

  • Touch Free Check-in and out

    With AeroGuest your guest can stay at you hotel through a 100% seamless check-in process via the guests own mobile phone. No unnessesary guest contact besides great service.

  • Advanced Surcharging

    AeroGuest is a sophisticated and intelligent digital payment engine. For corporate and international credit cards, surcharging will automatically be applied the digital guest and you'll save 70% of the credit card fee.

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The Touch Free Hotel Stay

The Digital Key is part of the Touch Free Hotel Stay. Touch Free Check-in eliminate guests concerns in regards to COVID-19. The possibility of a Touch Free Hotel Stay enables hotels to communicate that they’re Corona aware and that the hotel is ensuring a healthy environment. This in turn paves the way for a faster recovery to normal occupancy. We define Touch Free Check-In as a hotel stay where the guest only uses their own mobile phone during the entire stay.

A true Touch Free digital guest uses their own mobile phone to: check-in, pay for the hotel stay, open the hotel door, communicate and check-out.

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