Great guest experience is excellent business

Our mobile hospitality technology gives your guests a better and smoother experience across all touchpoints - and lets you connect with them before, during and after their stay.


Before stay

Web check-in made easy

AeroGuest lets first-time guests check-in through a dedicated web platform. With only a few clicks, they are ready to either get their mobile key or pick one up at your front desk.

100% guest digitalization

Guests arriving at your hotel can quickly check-in via their mobile phone using SNAP check-in. Your guests will love it.

Sign terms for stay

Guest can easily sign your agreements to stay using just their mobile phone. You immediately become GDPR compliant and save yourself the hassle of paper wastage.

Choose rooms

Guest can check-in and choose their room while relaxing in the lobby instead of standing in line. They might even enjoy a drink before going to their preferred room equipped with a digital key.


We secure payments through APEXX who consolidate global payment providers into a single integration point. AeroGuest also saves you money on credit card fees.


During Stay

AeroGuest Flow

AeroGuest Flow is your Guest Management System (GMS). You can track all guest journeys and see their communication threads. AeroGuest is designed to mobile enable the front desk, giving receptionists the freedom to move around and better serve guests.

Digital Key

With the AeroGuest App, your guests are ready to go straight to their room and unlock the door with their mobile. The key can easily be shared with roommates.

Chat communication

Guests can receive auto chats, and your staff can view and handle all messages via AeroGuest Flow.

Content experiences

The modern traveller is curious and adventurous. Offer your guests the best experience and local cuisines with AeroGuest and claim your position as a destination.


After Stay


On the day of departure, your guests can quickly check-out through the app. The app can also handle any outstanding payments.

Join hotel reward programs

On check-out completion, the guests receive an invitation to join the hotel's reward program, increasing direct bookings.

Rebook Stay

The guests' booking card is automatically moved to Archived Trips where they can easily access the Book Again feature.

Direct Booking

With AeroGuest, your guests can book a stay in just three clicks. All prices are controlled by you, as AeroGuest integrates directly with your channel manager.

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AeroGuest connect - mobile hospitality

Connect to AeroGuest

We understand that large hotel groups have the muscle and ambitions to build their own guest-facing solutions and we acknowledge the immense responsibility on their shoulders and their devotion to ensuring their companies brand value.

With AeroGuest Connect we want to help you easily and quickly build, integrate and convert your guests to your own guest-facing solutions so that you’re fully capable of accelerating your efforts and delivering on your goals!

Winter garden at Landmark London

The Landmark London

Experience quintessential London charm in the sumptuous surroundings of this magnificent Grande Dame hotel. Discover a breath-taking oasis of luxury, sophistication and serenity. A truly enchanting hotel in the heart of the world’s finest city.


We partner with and connect to existing companies to apply advanced mobile services to the hospitality and travel industry.

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Price information

It's Plug'N'Play with AeroGuest. We've developed an ecosystem for mobile travel with our own API and user-friendly mobile solutions.

  • Free Integrations

    We consider collaboration as a partnership. Integration with PMS's, locks, channel managers and payment gateways are done without any extra costs.

  • User-based Price Model

    Our shared goal is to transform all hotel guests to mobile guests. We charge approx €1 per guest using AeroGuest.

  • New Revenues

    Digitalizing your guests through AeroGuest will, apart from increased service, give you a lower cost on keycards and credit card fees, and increase revenue through Choose Room and Upgrade Room.

  • Direct Booking

    AeroGuest enables more direct booking and increased sign-up to your reward program. We only charge 5% on direct bookings.

  • Touch Free Check-in and out

    With AeroGuest your guest can stay at you hotel through a 100% seamless check-in process via the guests own mobile phone. No unnessesary guest contact besides great service.

  • Advanced Surcharging

    AeroGuest is a sophisticated and intelligent digital payment engine. For corporate and international credit cards, surcharge will automatically be applied to the digital guest and you'll save 70% of the credit card fee.

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