AeroGuest Connect

We’ve built the most advanced SaaS platform and guest facing traveltech solutions in the industry in order to realize our vision of bringing 100% digitalization and advanced mobile hospitality to hotels. And we’re able to deliver this value to hotels of any size immediately and with no development effort required by the hotel.

But we understand that large hotel groups have the muscle and ambitions to build their own guest-facing solutions and we acknowledge the immense responsibility on their shoulders and their devotion to ensuring their companies brand value. We want to help you easily and quickly build, integrate and convert your guests to your own guest-facing solutions so that you’re fully capable of accelerating your efforts and delivering on your goals.

Mobile digital key opening hotel door

Plug into 100% Conversion

Creating the perfect guest journey funnel that converts every single guest with optimal user experience is a hard problem and is really difficult to solve! Over many years we’ve had an uncompromising focus and have perfected this conversion funnel through our efforts in what we call automated and manual digitalization.

In practice we realize the first approximately 25% conversion by connecting with guests before their stay by SMS and email. We catch every single piece of contact information possible and we convert garbled contact information through our advanced algorithms optimized by AI. We reach out to guests at precisely the right time and with optimal frequency.

AeroGuest connect

Open API and it’s your Data

Our SaaS solution is open and we’ve built a public API targeted specifically at hotel groups aiming to plug into AeroGuest and deliver on their own guest-facing solutions. With our modern developer friendly REST API your hotel group can focus on what’s important, delivering a fantastic guest experience in your own fully branded way.

We also manage and structure your booking, guest profile and loyalty data and make any interactions fully available to your development organization. Our philosophy has always been that it’s your hotels data which you at any time can export from the AeroGuest platform and deliver into your own hosting environment. We’re also fully GDPR compliant and will enter into a data processing agreement with your hotels and organization.

AeroGuest Flow in laptop

Connected to AeroGuest Flow

We’ve built a very flexible and advanced backend which will support your reception staff on a daily basis and allow you to customize and tailor many aspects of how 100% digitalization, advanced mobile hospitality, and integrations to PMS, locks and payments function operationally at your hotels and how they are integrated with your custom guest-facing solutions.

Behind the scenes your hotel staff will have access to AeroGuest Flow our modern multi-property web-based GMS (Guest Management System) allowing you to easily handle the flow of guests at your hotels. This will free your development organization from managing the ongoing development effort required to build and keep up-to-date necessary functionality and user interfaces for reception and back-office staff.

Mobile digital key opening hotel door

SDKs for all Integrations

For your guest-facing applications we’ve abstracted all vendors and will handle the difficult aspects like assigning rooms and checking guests into various PMS’s, generating digital keys through complex lock software integrations and best price, secure, PCI compliant and advanced digital payments. Also, direct booking integrations to channel managers and even a digital maps integration comes out of box with AeroGuest!

We deliver these complex integrations as plug-n-play SDK’s and libraries which you can quickly integrate into your custom guest-facing solutions.

App switch function

AeroGuest Login and AppSwitch

Through AeroGuest Login we offer compatibility with our existing guest-facing applications and with the thousands of AeroGuest users already registered in the AeroGuest platform. With AeroGuest Login it’s possible to implement login to your guest-facing applications for existing users of AeroGuest and quickly link their profile information.

Through AeroGuest AppSwitch a more involved integration can be made for example utilizing the AeroGuest app for check-in but connecting this to your hotels loyalty app for booking and loyalty.