Great guest experience is excellent hotel business

Our mobile hospitality technology gives your guests a better and smoother experience across all touchpoints - and lets you connect with them before, during and after their stay.

One Stop Shop

Everything guests need before, during and after a hotel stay:

  • Mobile check-in & out
  • Pre-Arrival Extra's
  • Choose Room
  • Passport scanning
  • Signing terms of stay
  • Payment
  • Digital Key
  • Room Service
  • Mini Bar payment & Check-out
  • Loyalty Program & Wallet
  • Direct Booking

Put the entire check-in process in the hands of your guests. It's about ti:me

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Before stay

  • Web Check-in
  • Sign terms of stay
  • Choose Room
  • Pre-Arrival Extra's
  • Payment
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During stay

  • Digital Key
  • Share Mobile Key
  • Chat Communication
  • Room Service
  • Content Experiences
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After stay

  • Mini Bar Payment
  • Check-out
  • Join Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Rebook Stay
  • Direct Booking

We integrate with your existing PMS

AeroGuest is the most advanced piece of traveltech within mobile hospitality. To ensure an excellent guest experience, we work with the best property management systems (PMS), channel managers, mobile access providers and payment solutions.

All of our validated PMS integrations are full 2-way integrations that synchronize reservation data and reservation states between AeroGuest and the PMS.

AeroGuest is the mobile travel platform of the world. With our thoroughly developed conversion engine, we are capable of targeting 100% of hotel check-ins.

AeroGuest Flow

Your Guest Management System (GMS)

We strive to be a strategic partner to hotels. Our aim is to grow the hotel business through innovation and mobile conversion. Using our complex technology, we help hotels navigate the digital world of hospitality.

With AeroGuest Flow you can monitor all your guests checking in with AeroGuest - your new mobile service. With your advanced Guest Management System, front desk and lobby personnel are able to move around freely as AeroGuest Flow features responsive design. You can monitor the guest journey and all the new revenue streams from Choose Room and UpGrade Room to F&B purchase.

AeroGuest Flow AeroGuest Flow
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AeroGuest Flow

You and your colleagues get access to our Guest Management Platform - AeroGuest Flow where you will have all your guests in the palm of your hand. 

AeroGuest Flow AeroGuest Flow
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AeroGuest Flow

In Bookings, you can see how far are all the arrivals in the check-in process and whether the email and SMS invitation was sent and delivered. 

AeroGuest Flow AeroGuest Flow
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AeroGuest Flow

By clicking on the guest's name, you will access all information about the guest including a PDF with signed terms and conditions.

Integration and Onboarding

On average it takes 4-6 weeks from signature of contract with AeroGuest and until the first pre-arrival checked-in guest arrives at the hotel. We secure the PMS-, Mobile Access- and Payment Integrations, as well as staff traning and local adaptions.

We dedicate a Customer Success Team to your hotel or hotel group to secure the optimal guest experience at your property.

Our Guest Management Platform

The hospitality industry consists of small family-driven hotels, hotel groups, and large hotel enterprises with diverse technology demands. With our Guest Management Platform, we're able to adapt to this fact by offering three services that will fit your demand

AeroGuest Direct

Simple Integration

Enable your hotels to be directly bookable on and in the AeroGuest app, with your own ARI data (prices and availability) as specified in your channel manager.

In addition AeroGuest provides a Google landingpage optimized for highest possible free booking link ranking.

AeroGuest Direct is plug'n'play, all we need is to set it up through your Channel Manager, and your visible in the entire AeroGuest Eco-system.

Fee: Only 3.5% in admin fee per booking.

AeroGuest Flow

Perfect Integration

Put the entire check-in process in the hands of your guests. It’s about ti:me. 

With AeroGuest Flow your hotels have secured the guest demand for mobile hospitality and a wide range of new services and revenue streams.

Features such as Choose Room, Upselling during check-in, Passport scan, Payment, Digital Key, In-Room Purchase and Mini bar will be some of the services your guests can benefit from. All we need is a two-way integration to your PMS.

Fee: €1-2 per check-in plus a range of upselling services

AeroGuest Connect

Deep Integration

Allow your organisation to rapidly build and deliver your own advanced mobile hospitality solutions by connecting to the vast capabilities of the AeroGuest platform through API and SDK Integrations.

Your development organization will be connected directly with the developers and customer success manager from AeroGuest through our shared Slack Connect workspace. The collaboration includes strategic workshops with the CTO and CCO of AeroGuest to secure a straight path to success.

Fee: Licens = €100 pr. month pr. property plus 1€ per 1.000 API Calls

Hotel AX

Hotel AX is a compass that helps you navigate Helsinki's art offering while being an art experience already in itself. 


We connect to your existing tech-stack in order to provide next level mobile hospitality to your hotel guests.

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