How to meet the rising demand for GuestTech by using AeroGuest

This guide highlights our recommendations for you to succeed with next level mobile hospitality.

1. Commitment

When a new advanced tool is introduced, it's imperative that leaders and staff members come to a sincere consensus and work together to enact such a change. When working with next level mobile hospitality everybody must truly buy into and support it to secure success.

2. Get organized

As next level mobile hospitality will be a huge part of the daily guest interaction with hotels, you might as well get organized from the beginning. Define who is responsible for what and define all your objectives.

3. Identify KPI's

With AeroGuest there is a range of possibilities to increase revenues and services. Identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), set goals and reach them in collaboration with AeroGuest. KPI's could be:

  • Achieve a high percentage of booking data that includes a mobile number
  • Identify the optimal Choose Room service fee
  • Convert your guests to Loyalty Members
  • Increase your Direct Bookings with Re-Bookings

4. Communicate

There is a reason to why airlines communicate a lot about pre check-in: It works. Tell your guests about your great mobile service from the minute they book a stay and nudge them so they check-in before arrival, and increase your revenue at the same time. It's a Win-Win.

5. Refine

AeroGuest continuously develop new services and features so that we fit your demands and ideas. Challenge us so that we can refine your mobile services.

Winter garden at Landmark London

The Landmark London

Experience quintessential London charm in the sumptuous surroundings of this magnificent Grande Dame hotel. Discover a breath-taking oasis of luxury, sophistication and serenity. A truly enchanting hotel in the heart of the world’s finest city.


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