Give your guests a next level digital hotel experience with the mobile hospitality solution by AeroGuest

DIGITIZE THE GUEST EXPERIENCE: Now your guests can choose a room and check in and out and even pay – right on their mobile phones. At the guests’ convenience, they can also use their phone as a digital key.

Now you can digitally connect with 100 % of your guests before, during and after their stay

CONVERT TO DIGITAL: Imagine servicing all your guests digitally and touch free while converting 100 % of your guests to digital contacts that you can stay in touch with.

Connect AeroGuest’s API with your existing solution

EASY INTEGRATION: It is easy to connect your existing tech solution and branded user-interface with AeroGuest’s whitelabel API. This will enable you to convert more guests into using your guest-facing digital platforms.

We've got you covered with our next level mobile hospitality

  • Experience
  • Convert
  • Connect

We create a seamless digital guest experience through next level mobile hospitality

Our API and user-friendly mobile solutions ensure an exceptional guest experience and provide new revenue streams for your hotel.

Before stay

  • Web Check-in
  • Choose Room
  • Payment

During stay

  • Digital Key
  • Chat Communication
  • Content Experiences

After stay

  • Check-out
  • Join Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Rebook Stay

The Touch Free Hotel Stay

By introducing Touch Free Check-in, we eliminate guests concerns in regards to COVID-19. The possibility of a Touch Free Hotel Stay enables hotels to communicate that they’re Corona aware and that the hotel is ensuring a healthy environment. This in turn paves the way for a faster recovery to normal occupancy. We define Touch Free Check-In as a hotel stay where the guest only uses their own mobile phone during the entire stay.

A true Touch Free digital guest uses their own mobile phone to: check-in, pay for the hotel stay, open the hotel door, communicate and check-out.

Royal Lancaster London

Royal Lancaster London is Hyde Park’s commanding mid-century architectural icon born and built in the swinging 60s.


We partner with and connect to existing companies to apply advanced mobile services to the hospitality and travel industry.

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The hotel guest experience of the future

AeroGuest Login

We believe that all your travel should be in one app. When purchasing a travel experience, you can transfer all your data with one click - we call it AeroGuest Login.

Mobile Hospitality

Just like when you choose a seat on a flight, you should be able to check-in and select your preferred room in advance.

The Hotel Lobby

Guest can check-in and choose their room while relaxing in the lobby. They might even want to enjoy a drink before going to their room equipped with a digital key.

Direct Booking

With all the travel info and preferred hotel loyalty programs in one place, you can book a stay in three clicks and get your loyalty reward at the same time.