Next level mobile hospitality by AeroGuest

Now your guests can choose a room, check-in, and even pay – right on their mobile phones. At the guests’ convenience, they can also use their phone as a digital key and re-book a stay through your channel manager.

Together with hospitality tech partners, we define next level mobile hospitality.

One Stop Shop

Everything guests need before, during and after a hotel stay:

  • Mobile check-in & out
  • Choose & Upgrade Room
  • Passport scanning & signature
  • Payment
  • Digital Key
  • In-Room Purchase & chat
  • Loyalty Program & wallet
  • Direct Booking

AeroGuest create a seamless digital guest experience through next level mobile hospitality

The AeroGuest user-friendly mobile solutions ensure an exceptional guest experience and provide new revenue streams for your hotel.

Woman in airplane holding her phone

Before stay

  • Web Check-in
  • Choose Room
  • Payment
Laying woman with phone

During stay

  • Digital Key
  • Chat Communication
  • Content Experiences
Man passing through reception

After stay

  • Check-out
  • Join Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Rebook Stay

AeroGuest Flow

Your Guest Management System (GMS)

We strive to be a strategic partner to hotels. Our aim is to grow the hotel business through innovation and mobile conversion. Using our complex technology, we help hotels navigate the digital world of hospitality.

With AeroGuest Flow you can monitor all your guests checking in with AeroGuest - your new mobile service. You can monitor the guest journey and all the new revenue streams from Choose Room, In-Room Purchase to Direct Booking.

We’re the only universal provider

We integrate to 80% of the hotel tech suppliers worldwide:

  • Two-Way integrations with 80% of the world market of PMS’s
  • Integrations to 90% of the world market of Mobile Access to deliver digital keys
  • 85% of room prices accessible through Channel Manager integration
  • Pioneering advanced payment through our acquirer agnostic UK partner Apexx Global. We can handle any credit card in the world!

Strong hotel revenue eco-system

Choose Room - fixed fee

Upgrade Room - fixed fee

Low Credit Card Fee through mobile payment

Upsell of F&B through advanced chat

Direct Booking - book again

Hotel Ottilia

An architectural gem in the iconic brewery. Hotel Ottilia became a unique 4+ star luxury hotel from an old Carlsberg Brewery. The guests can however still feel the history of it as the hotel kept original elements of the brewery which are incorporated in the interior and design. 


We connect to your existing tech-stack in order to provide next level mobile hospitality to your hotel guests.

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