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Integrate with the AeroGuest end-to-end SaaS platform connected to the entire hospitality industry

Digitalizing 20 million rooms

We aim to be the biggest player on the global market, targeting the upper midscale to luxury class of hotels.

With next level mobile hospitality we secure brand new revenues and services to hotels.

We integrate to the existing hotel tech stack

Next level mobile hospitality demands multiple integrations:

  • Property Management System
  • Payment Gateway & Acquirer
  • Mobile Access
  • Channel Manager
  • Revenue Management Tool
  • Booking Engine & Direct Booking
  • POS System
  • Pre Arrival Communication

We’re the only universal provider

We integrate to 80% of the hotel tech suppliers worldwide:

  • Two-Way integrations with 80% of the world market of PMS’s
  • Integrations to 90% of the world market of Mobile Access to deliver digital keys
  • 85% of room prices accessible through Channel Manager integration
  • Pioneering advanced payment through our acquirer agnostic UK partner Apexx Global. We can handle any credit card in the world!

The Guest Management Platform by AeroGuest

The hospitality industry consist of small family driven hotels, hotel groups and large hotel enterprises with diverse technology demand. With our Guest Management Platform we're able to adapt to this fact and offer three services that should fit your demand

AeroGuest Direct

Simple Integration

Enable your hotels to be directly bookable on and in the AeroGuest app, with your own ARI data (prices and availability) as specified in your channel manager.

In addition AeroGuest provides a Google landingpage optimized for highest possible free booking link ranking.

AeroGuest Direct is plug'n'play, all we need is to set it up through your Channel Manager, and your visible in the entire AeroGuest Eco-system.

Fee: Only 3.5% in admin fee per booking.

AeroGuest Flow

Perfect Integration

Put the entire check-in process in the hands of your guests. It’s about ti:me. 

With AeroGuest Flow your hotels have secured the guest demand for mobile hospitality and a wide range of new services and revenue streams.

Features such as Choose Room, Upselling during check-in, Passport scan, Payment, Digital Key, In-Room Purchase and Mini bar will be some of the services your guests can benefit from. All we need is a two-way integration to your PMS.

Fee: €1 per check-in plus a range of upselling services

AeroGuest Connect

Deep Integration

Allow your organisation to rapidly build and deliver your own advanced mobile hospitality solutions by connecting to the vast capabilities of the AeroGuest platform through API and SDK Integrations.

Your development organization will be connected directly with the developers and customer success manager from AeroGuest through our shared Slack Connect workspace. The collaboration includes strategic workshops with the CTO and CCO of AeroGuest to secure a straight path to success.

Fee: Licens = €100 pr. month pr. property plus 1€ per 1.000 API Calls

Want to improve your hotel business with next level mobile hospitality?

Our next level mobile hospitality solution integrates to your existing hotel set-up. Reach out to our Partner & CCO Nikolai Kronborg for a talk about the strategic possibilities AeroGuest can offer your hotels.

  • All integrations are free of charge

    We consider collaboration as a partnership. Integration with PMS's, mobile access, channel managers and payment gateways are done without any costs.

  • €1-2 per check-in

    Our shared goal is to transform all hotel guests to mobile guests. We charge €1-2 per guest using AeroGuest. Which enable the hotel with a range of new revenues.

  • Is the Choose Room feature optional for hotels?

    Yes. The unique Choose Room feature is optional for hotels. We highly recommend it as guests demand it.

  • Optional Feature: Re-Book and Direct Booking

    AeroGuest enables more direct booking and increased sign-up to your loyalty program. We charge 2.5% to 3.5% on direct bookings depending on Loyalty Program and Channel Manager.

  • Touch Free Check-in and out

    With AeroGuest your guest can stay at you hotel through a 100% seamless check-in process via the guests own mobile phone. No unnessesary guest contact besides great service.

  • Optional Feature: Advanced Surcharging

    AeroGuest is a sophisticated and intelligent digital payment engine. For corporate and international credit cards, surcharge will automatically be applied to the digital guest and you'll save 70% of the credit card fee.

Nikolaj Kronborg - Partner & CCO
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Nikolai Kronborg

Hotel Kong Arthur

Hotel Kong Arthur is nestled in a small cobblestone nook, just off the road that runs around Copenhagen’s historic lakes. 


We connect to your existing tech-stack in order to provide next level mobile hospitality to your hotel guests.

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