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Our website uses cookies and other data files. A cookie is a text file stored in the user of a website’s browser / on the user’s device in order to recognize the user by subsequent visits as well as cookies can be used to gather information about the user.


We use cookies, including information on IP address and traffic measurement on the website, so we know how many people visit our website and how the website is accessed and which sub-pages are visited. In addition, we use cookies to make the use more user-friendly, to remember your settings and data etc.

This allows us to optimize our website so it always gives the user the best possible access to information and services sought.

Who has access to the information collected through Cookies?

Besides CueGrid ApS, our website host and external support of the website have access to the above information.

Do you want to opt out of cookies this can be done via the following steps:

Via your browser settings you can put garden of cookies allowed. Cookies can also be completely omitted and if desired, we recommend that you follow the following steps:’s-Cookies

However, please be aware that if you delete cookies or do not allow that these are used, parts of the website may be more or less limited and functionality on the website may be affected.

Use of personal information

We have access to statistical information about visitors to our website including the user’s IP address as specified above. We collect no specific personal information.

As indicated we collect the following information:

  • Which browser is used
  • Which IP address access to our website is from
  • Which pages you have looked at, how they are accessed and what you have done on each page
  • Transaction History
  • Information that can be used to optimize the website for users.


You have the right to receive information about the information that we collect about you.

Write to us at if you have questions about the above information provided.